Quiapo Church

Quiapo Church
Quiapo Church Quiapo Church Quiapo Church

Church of Quiapo

Governor general santiago de Vera founded the District of Quiapo August 29. 1586. fran- ciscan missionaries built the first Church. of bamboo and nipa, that was burned in 1639. rebuilding and repairs at intervals gave the parish the stronger edifice that the earth- Quake of 1863 partially destroyed. the next church. completed in 1899, was the work of rev. Eusebio de leon and rev. manuel Roxas, the´┐Ż latter raising P40, 000,00 in contributions. A Fire ON october 30, 1929,left the Church only its scarred walls and belfry. and A parish comminttee headed by dona encarnacion nakpil de orense raised the funds for its reconstruction. juan F. nakpil, architect. drafted the plans for the reconstructed building A famous image of christ bearing the cross, called the nazarene. is the center of intense Friday devotions throughout the year.


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Beautiful structures inside and outside..